Adventure To Muskegon and Lake Michigan

Charlie and I had an Adventure to Lake Michigan in Muskegon yesterday to film another music video. We didn’t even plan to hang out at all today. I just woke up and noticed through the blinds how beautiful the sun looked. First thought in my mind was call up Charlie to see if was down for an adventure and, lucky for me, he was! We basically just took 96 west all the way to exit 1, which landed us somewhere in Muskegon. We stopped at a gas station to ask for directions to where the “cool stuff” was. They were very kind and pointed us towards the lake, which was perfect for the voyage. The experience was majestic to say the least. The breeze was brisk. The sun was hot. I felt like I was home. I always feel like that whenever I’m in nature. It’s also awesome to have someone around that appreciates it just as much as you. As soon as we got there we took our shoes off and walked into the water up to our knees. It was very cold, but refreshing! I’m very grateful for that. We got some really good footage for one of my songs off of the upcoming album, ‘VSNS.’ It’s a song called make it, which has a very relaxing energy. I feel like the location suited the visuals very well. Afterwards we walked down the pier and chilled at the end where there was a lighthouse. We took turns jamming out on my classical guitar as others came by and enjoyed the smooth sounds, I’m sure. I would like to start playing and singing more! I never really practice doing that. Had a really good time. Good vibes all around. This was a short, but fun one! Keep your eyes peeled. 😉

Adventure Muskegon Lake Michigan

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