What up? I’m Matthew Modlinski also known as Windan Waves. I’ve been playing guitar for 16 years. I started with the bass guitar at 11 years old. My father, Gary Modlinski aka “The Mod”, was a huge influential factor in my musical career. He taught me a good majority of what became the foundation of my playing style. Throughout high school I was into metal bands like Lamb of God, Pantera, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, etc. Although, I was committed to music, I didn’t get focused until I graduated High School. This is then when I transitioned from the bass to electric guitar. In 2008 I joined my first band that would hit the stage shortly after. We were called “Neveah” which was changed to “The Judas Strain” within the first couple of months. Our first performance was for a Comcast special called Get Local. Our live performance was showcased On Demand. Once we broke up in 2009, I focused my attention on the recording arts and really started to hone in on my sound and technique. After a small hiatus, my good friend Joe Wunderlich introduced Dylan Hamann and I. Together, we started another band in 2014 called Variform. Now with more experience and maturity, I was able to quickly write and record an EP titled “In Ashes” with the help of the rest of the band. It is now available on iTunes. After about a year in Variform, I joined another project called Playground Myuzik. It being a hip-hop group, it helped me step outside my comfort zone and learn a little more about improvising and performing with other types of artists, as well as creating a unique sound to the style of music. Being in both bands was very demanding and didn’t allow much freedom to focus on writing the music I wanted to play. Now, I currently write and perform my own music for a project by the name Windan Waves. My style draws inspiration from every genre. Obscure, ambient, atmospheric, but also catchy and melodic. Join me on my voyage through this conscious experience to help create a world where all humans can truly be themselves and let go of the illusion.